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McWhirter speaks to CBS News on the rise of AR-15s

On June 2nd, 2023, Cameron McWhirter joined Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers for a discussion on the most popular rifle in the United States - the AR-15. There are at least 20 million AR-15 style guns in the hands of American civilians today. This is just an estimate - and the number could be much higher. As McWhirter states in the interview, the popularity of this gun can be attributed to its relatively low cost, ease of use, and military look. While most AR-15 owners don't purchase the weapon with intent to harm others, a growing number of disturbed individuals have been drawn to the firearm. Mass shooters with little or no firearms experience can use an AR-15 to wreak havoc at schools, offices, movie theaters, concerts, parades - anywhere Americans gather.


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