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Thank You, Silicon Valley

Zusha Elinson and Cameron McWhirter, coauthors of American Gun: The True Story of the AR-15, met with students, staff, and others at Santa Clara University Thursday to talk about how a Cold War invention has been the icon of our nation's gun debate -- loved by millions and loathed by millions of others. It all began in a California garage with an inventor, much like the story of many Silicon Valley startups. And the invention, like so many that have come out of SV, ended up impacting society in ways the inventor never anticipated. After the Santa Clara talk, sponsored by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Elinson and McWhirter gave a talk about their book at a private home. Wonderfully, thoughtful questions from both crowds. People want real solutions to reducing mass shootings.

Santa Clara University Silicon Valley American Gun the True Story of the AR-15

Silicon Valley American Gun The True Story of the AR-15


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